What’s in it for me?

As an IT Support Professional, I could write about a bunch of techy topics to try and engage your interest. I mean, it’s what I do after all, and therefore that’s what I should post about. Right? Except That’s not really what I’m trying to share with you today.

Technology is fascinating. There are so many new and incredible innovations that are out in the world these days that really are mind boggling to me. Did you know for example, there’s an app in development that can help diagnose Anemia? Whaaaat?

It won’t ever likely be considered as accurate as an actual blood test, but it is still considered to be as good as and possibly even better than several FDA approved diagnostic tools already on the market.  Read about it here if you’re interested in learning more.

Technology isn’t exactly what I do here at Hanover IT. I mean Yeah, I fix technology. It’s not really why I started Hanover IT though. I love to help people. I wanted to make sure that if you need help with something that isn’t working anymore, you were taken care of to the best of my abilities. I wanted to provide a service that was flexible and can come to you if needed. I wanted to make sure to fill any potential gaps in our service area and extend that area to whoever could benefit from my help. This is why I am here today. This is why I make a point of saying that you will never be just another number at Hanover IT. 

As a small Business owner, I will always do everything I can to ensure your technology is working the way you need it to be. If I can’t fix it, or I don’t think I am the right fit for the job, then I will tell you. I’m not interested in wasting your time, or mine for that matter. 

One last thing: If this situation applies to you or anyone you know, it might be time for a checkup.   🙂 

Have a lovely day!


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